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Microcurrent is a non-invasive procedure also known as the "Non-Surgical Facelift" which re-educates the muscles in the face and neck and will firm and improve skin elasticity.  The areas specifically targeted are the Neck Jowl area, Eye areas brow and forehead.  See results in first treatment!

Microcurrent is offered by Christina's Total Skincare.

Providing Skincare and massages to Martin County


Permanent MAKEUP

tired of applying makeup everyday? Permanent makeup is an answer.

WAKE UP BEAUTIFUL EVERYDAY! Dissatisfied with the shape of your eyebrows or lipline? Want to define your eyes with Permanent Eyeliner? Lead an Active Lifestyle and tired of Applying and Reapplying Your Makeup? Want the Look You have always dreamed of? Permanent Makeup will give you the look you like Around-The- Clock

Permanent Makeup Stuart Florida


Permanent Makeup leaves you feeling beautiful without even doing anything.

Permanent Makeup Before and After in Stuart Florida.

Brows Hairstrokes or Full ColorBrows Hairstrokes or Full Color  $400

Brows Hairstrokes or Full ColorEyeliner (Top and Bottom).  $395

Brows Hairstrokes or Full Color Lipliner with Shading. $395

Brows Hairstrokes or Full ColorFull lips. $400

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